Creativity is not something you have,
it’s something you do.


Materials can limit your ability to create. Kindly Workshops provide you with all of the artist-grade materials you will need to succeed in each of our courses. Each workshop is crafted to be a memorable experience where creativity is discovered.


Modern Dip-Pen Calligraphy

Transform your handwriting into a calligraphy masterpiece, or take your calligraphy to the next level through a workshop. If you have prior calligraphy experience, let us know and we will upgrade your kit for a new challenge! Everyone will have individual instruction that meets you where you are at in your lettering adventure.

Watercolor Lettering

Learn new watercolor techniques as we explore the world of handlettering to create cards, gifts, and so much more! In this course you will be introduced to new materials and practice the fundamentals of watercoloring as you create handlettered layouts with one-on-one instruction.

Botanical Illustration

Create and refine floral sketches that you can turn into cards, prints and so much more! We will learn how to use simple shapes to create and combine leaves and flowers to make wreaths, borders, and bouquets. Combine this class with our calligraphy or brushlettering and you will be making your own beautiful prints in no time!

Watercolor Cookie Painting

These unique treats will look as good as they taste after this workshop! We will learn about painting on these pastries starting with the icing that is our canvas and finishing with the finest gold accents that will adorn our simple flower artwork. 


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Workshops are thoughtfully planned and styled to create an environment and experience where creativity can be discovered. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, have a request for a new workshop topic, or want to learn more about these beautiful events, we would love to talk with you more.

Please reach out by e-mailing Staci directly at