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Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Kindly Letter Co. is back at DROOZ + Company with a creative approach to learning modern calligraphy. Enjoy unbeatable sweet treats, coffee, tea, water while you begin to transform your natural handwriting with the traditional tools of calligraphy. Compose letters into words, and work on the various techniques that will get you started on your journey toward creating beautiful prints, letters, and journals.

This workshop will introduce the concepts of calligraphy as well as the tools & materials required. We will begin with how to hold the pen, progress into controlling ink flow and then begin writing uppercase and lowercase letters and connecting them into words. The workshop will feature individual instruction with Staci Cullen, time for questions, and lots of practice! You will leave the workshop with your own calligraphy kit of Staci's favorite tools to keep your practice going. This is the ideal class for beginners to learn all about calligraphy in a beautiful and relaxed environment! If you've already taken a calligraphy class, let us know and we will upgrade your supplies to bring your lettering practice to a new level!

Discounted admission is available until March 1, 2018. 

Your calligraphy kit will include...

Kindly Letter Co. Modern Calligraphy Workbook
Straight Penholder*
Black Ink
Ink Well
20 Sheets of Marker Paper
Grid Paper Guide
Personalized Gift Tag

*If you have taken a workshop on calligraphy before, let us know and we will upgrade you to an oblique penholder for a little bit of a challenge!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Staci Cullen, Kindly Letter Co.

@kindlyletterco |


Frequently Ask Questions

Why is this course more expensive than previous courses?

I've spent years in my own practice discovering that that materials do influence product. For my workshops I provide artist grade materials to give the best products. Because calligraphy uses ink that can bleed on regular paper, we are working on the best papers with the best tools on the market. At my workshop, you will have multiple instruments, multiple papers, envelopes, cards, and more.

Do I need to bring a friend?

No! The best part about these workshops is that most of us walk in as strangers and leave as friends. It's so much fun to watch as well as be apart of. It's also ok if you're on the shy-side, we have a lot of work to get done in just a little amount of time!

How old should participants be?

My first jobs were teaching art to children. From there, I began an AP Art prep program for high school art students, and lately, I've been teaching adults. These courses are for all ages, we have a great time and we are also pretty tame. We will drink coffee, eat delicious pastries and snacks, and enjoy learning-- I'd say that's something all ages can share in!