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Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding calligraphy is a an art and no two envelopes are identical. Staci has been perfecting her penmanship since 2014 and works in an array of lettering styles from formal and traditional, to fun and brushy. Her background in art and drawing also opens the possibility of incorporating illustration and watercolor into your envelope design. Calligraphy invitations start at $2.50 per envelope.

There is a margin for error when it comes to calligraphy envelopes. Please plan to include at least 15% extra envelopes–So if you are ordering 100 envelopes, please provide 115 envelopes for the proofing process as well as for any mistakes that may happen during the handmade process. 

Timing is of the essence when it comes to envelopes. You have a send-by date, and I have a deadline I prefer to keep! Please provide ample time when requesting envelopes. Envelopes orders must be scheduled, and take about 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. During this time your envelopes will be:

  1. Designed and proofed
  2. Written by Staci in the style of your choice
  3. Professionally proofread for mistakes before leaving my studio

Assembling invitations and mailing can also be included in your order for an additional 1.00 per invitation. Stamps are not provided.


Most of us have never thought to order handwritten envelopes until our wedding day. So how does it all work anyway? We keep it simple for you by following the below process:

Concept Design

Our first step is to learn a little bit about your event to help select a style to suit your event. Below you will find an array of writing samples to choose from. Don't see something quite perfect? Let's chat about that during this phase.

Proof 1

After the concept conversation I will create a proof of one envelope that includes the artwork and an address as it would look on your envelopes. If you see something you aren't quite loving, we will fix that before completing the rest of the envelopes. We will be looking at the artwork and the calligraphy style in this phase to make sure that they are working together. During this proof we will perfect spacing to make sure that the lines are centered, and that the spacing between lines is exactly what you're hoping for. 

Proof 2

This will be an envelope that will be included in your order. It is also the envelope that the rest of them will be based off of. Remember! Envelope are is beautiful because no two are exactly the same, although we try to keep them pretty darn close. 


Guest List Tips

There are a few things you can do to make your guest list easier to work with. Please create your list in Excel, or export it from The Knot/WeddingWire in Excel. You will have columns for: name, street, apartment, city, state, and zip. Be sure that each column is showing the name and address exactly as you'd like them to appear on the envelope. This is especially important for the name column which could read something like: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. The other column to check is the state column. If you'd like the state to read New York as opposed to NY, please make sure your list reflects that. And lastly, but most importantly, proofreading your guest list is key! 

Calligraphy Styles

Coming soon! Listed styles will become available on the website in May 2018. In the meantime, please inquire for calligraphy styles, or check out the PORTFOLIO page for more information.