Printed Envelope Addressing

Printed Envelope Addressing


How to Create Your Guest List

There are a lot of ways we can customize and print your envelopes. Show us your invitations, announcements, or holiday cards, and we will find a way to incorporate a detail or two into the printed addressing. Printing envelopes can be completed within 3 days after providing your envelopes and approving your sample (we also call this the proof).

Need envelopes too? We can provide an assortment of white, ivory, and colored envelopes for $0.50 per envelope. Return address printing included!

  • Within 24-hours of purchase you will receive an e-mail confirmation and we will schedule your deadline.

  • We can propose a style to you based on your invitations, or you can select from our portfolio.

  • Envelopes can be addressed in black, white or a custom color to match your invitations

  • Each envelope will be addressed according to your list. See our post about proper etiquette when creating your guest list.

  • All envelopes will be professionally copy-edited to ensure they match your list, and that they are of the highest quality. We will reprint anything with a mistake for no charge, please check off your guests as you apply postage to double check for accuracy!

  • You will receive a sample to approve before the rest of the envelopes are printed. Once this sample is approved the rest of the list will be completed and changes could incur additional cost.

Addressing pricing does not include envelopes. Envelopes can be provided for an additional $0.50 per envelope.

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