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Printed Addresses

You don't have to compromise quality and creativity when you get your envelopes printed! We can incorporate artwork and illustrations to tie your entire invitation suite together to create a beautifully packaged invitation. They are also a quick and economical choice with only a 3-day turnaround.
*3-day turnaround is only guaranteed after envelopes and list have been provided.

There is a margin for error when it comes to printed envelopes–printers misfeed, and setting up the layouts can be complicated. Please plan to include a minimum of 10% extra envelopes–So if you are ordering 100 envelopes, please provide 110 envelopes.

Assembling invitations and mailing can also be included in your order for an additional 1.50 per invitation. Stamps not included.

Printed envelopes start at $1.25 per envelope. 

Preparing your
guest list

  1. Create your list in Excel, or export it from The Knot/WeddingWire to a spreadsheet.
    Have columns for: name, street, apartment, city, state, and zip code.
  2. Be sure that each column shows the name and address exactly as you'd like them to appear on the envelopes. ex. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.
  3. Always spell out states
  4. Proofread your list carefully! Someone always moves while you're trying to get your invites out–that's ok and we can fix that... just make sure all of the cities line up with their zip codes and the street address and apartment number are correct.