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Printed Addresses

You don't have to compromise quality and creativity when you get your envelopes printed! We can incorporate artwork and illustrations to tie your entire invitation suite together to create a beautifully packaged invitation to your special day. Unlike handwritten envelopes, printed envelopes can ensure that each envelope looks just about identical (aside from your guests names!) They are also a quick and economical choice with only a 3-day turnaround.

*3-day turnaround is only guaranteed after envelopes and list have been provided.

There is a margin for error when it comes to printed envelopes. Please plan to include a minimum of 10% extra envelopes–So if you are ordering 100 envelopes, please provide 110 envelopes for the proofing process as well as for any mistakes that may happen during the handmade process. 

Assembling invitations and mailing can also be included in your order for an additional 1.00 per invitation. Stamps are not provided.

Printed envelopes start at $1.25 per envelope. 


Concept Design

This is a pretty casual conversation. Simple printing, or complex design, we will talk about what your envelopes should look like. We will also take a look at your invitations in order to incorporate cohesive design elements. 

Proof 1

I will put together the envelope that we talk about during our concept design conversation, and you will receive a digital proof. We will look at artwork and spacing as well as font selection during this conversation. 

Proof 2

This will be an envelope that will be included in your envelope order unless changes need to be made. Final changes and edits happen during this proof before we start printing your entire guest list. 


Preparing Your Guest List

There are a few things you can do to make your guest list easier to work with. Please create your list in Excel, or export it from The Knot/WeddingWire in Excel. You will have columns for: name, street, apartment, city, state, and zip. Be sure that each column is showing the name and address exactly as you'd like them to appear on the envelope. This is especially important for the name column which could read something like: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. The other column to check is the state column. If you'd like the state to read New York as opposed to NY, please make sure your list reflects that. And lastly, but most importantly, proofreading your guest list is key!