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How to Make a Guest List

You might be using WeddingWire, TheKnot, or a number of other sources for your wedding planning. If so, you should be able to create and export your guest list from those sources. Google sheets is another great option. Excel or Numbers (Numbers is only on Mac) are also both perfectly fine! Throughout your wedding you are going to be using this list a lot! You can create extra columns to indicate Thank You notes sent (and what they gave you!), seating assignments, how many guests will be attending from their group, and more!

Using a spreadsheet style guest list will help keep things consistent, and orderly as we move forward to complete your project. I will download your sheet after you submit it, so if you make any changes, be sure to shoot me an e-mail.

The more columns the better, but definitely separate out:

Separate your spreadsheet into the columns:

Street Address
Zip code

You can create separate columns for Salutation and add a second street address for apartments or P.O. Boxes too.

For both custom calligraphy projects and digital printing it’s important that all of the addresses are consistent and free of spelling errors. Here’s a few tips on polishing your guest list, what kinds of things get overlooked, and how you help your invitations go through the mail and to your guest’s homes. Questions about etiquette when addressing your guests?

  1. Spell out states, roads, avenues, streets, etc.

    This is an elegant touch that will give your envelopes finesse

  2. Know some doctors? Use Dr. in place of Mr. or Mrs.

    Doctors went through a lot of med school. Other salutations to be aware of: Honorable (for officials including judges, or people holding an office), and Miss (for ladies under 18).

  3. Know a Jr., how about a Sr.?

    Junior, senior, and all of the roman numerals. Fun fact: I’ve done an address for a 6th generation (I think it was William [last name] VI).

  4. Be consistent

    Use our guide on how to address your guests, and make sure to be consistent with it throughout your guest list.

Guest List Etiquette

There are a lot of ways to address people, especially today, and sometimes what is traditional and formal, just doesn’t feel as personal.

Weddings have changed a lot over the past decade, and the type of event you are planning can help you quickly determine how you want to address your guests, because let’s face it, there are enough more complicated decisions you’re having to make right now. Here’s a quick reference.

Etiquette for Addressing Your Guests

Traditional Guest Addressing

Emily Post has the most comprehensive guide for breaking down your most traditional guest addressing. You can’t go wrong with tradition—


Married Couple

Mr. and Mrs. John and Anna Smith


I suggest sending a separate invitation for anyone in a family that is over 18, but still lives at home.

The Jones Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones and Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Lilly, Doug, and Collin


Ms. Laura Edward

For younger ladies, under 18 address as:

Miss Lilly Jones


Address the guest who you are closer with first regardless of male/female
Ms. Anna Smith and Mr. John Wallace


This is a tricky one, and you may want to consult a parent on their preference for this one. Some divorced women still prefer to be addressed as Mrs. You may want to ask if they go by their maiden name since their separation
Ms. Diane Pearson

Widow, not remarried

Mrs. Rachel Walker

Creating a Guest List

Build a List that You Can Repurpose

This is a quick reference. For more details on creating your guest list

  1. Create your list in Excel, or export it from The Knot/WeddingWire to a spreadsheet.
    Have columns for: name, street, apartment, city, stateand zip code. If you are able to separate them all out, it makes your list easier to use for a variety of purposes beyond envelopes.

  2. Be sure that each column shows the name and address exactly as you'd like them to appear on the envelopes. ex. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

  3. Always spell out states. Always.

  4. I also recommend spelling out roads, avenues, circles, drives. It will look so much more complete when your guest’s receive them.

  5. Proofread your list carefully! Someone always moves while you're trying to get your invites out–that's ok and we can fix that... just make sure all of the cities line up with their zip codes and the street address and apartment number are correct.