Writing Quotes and Making Layouts

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Yay! You’ve gotten your lettering practice started, but maybe you’ve been dreaming for another way to use those letters. Creating layouts with grid paper is an easy way to make those super cute quotes you see on Instagram. The best part: you can reuse your grid paper templates over and over again!

P.S. At the end of the post, you can download a printable version of my quote!


Supplies you’ll need

Grid Paper
Marker Paper
Pencil and/or Black Marker
Dip Pen + Ink


making a
diagonal template

You can make all kinds of layouts, this one is for writing five lines on a diagonal. On the left margin of your grid paper, measure 3” from the top, make a little notch mark. On the right margin of your grid paper, put a notch at 2” from the top. Use your ruler to create a straight line between the two notches. You have your first diagonal line!

For the next four lines, measure 1.5 inches below the previous notch on both the right and left side of the page.

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Trace over your lines with black marker to make them easier to see underneath of your marker paper when you begin your writing.

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Layer your papers

Place your marker paper on top of your template. You can also clip this on your clipboard to prevent the paper from moving!

If you want to practice first, you can write your letters in pencil and then get the dip pen out to trace over your pencil lines.

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Write away!

Write your quote using your dip pen! When you pull the marker paper off of the template, the lines disappear and you have a perfectly spaced out masterpiece!

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Staci Cullen