Watercolor Cookie Painting
2:30 PM14:30

Watercolor Cookie Painting

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No prior painting experience necessary! These cookies will look as good as they taste after this workshop. Learn all about the frosting that works best and paints used to keep these edible. You will also learn how to sketch florals and practice artwork before you set out to paint your own cookies to take home. Who knows, maybe you’ll decorate a few for a valentine.

All supplies are provided for you to use during the workshop, and you will take 6 cookies home to show off your creativity.

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1:00 PM13:00

Modern Dip-Pen Calligraphy

Learn about calligraphy is a fun and relaxing environment. Over 100 aspiring calligraphers have started their lettering journey a Kindly Letter Co. workshop. Whether you have an art background, or this is your first creative venture, this workshop will help you take your lettering practice to a new level, or the first level. Plentiful pastries, and coffee will be provided by our hosts, Quirk Hotel!

Bite-Sized Brunch + Espresso + Calligraphy Kit

In this three hour workshop you will learn:

  • The tools & materials required

  • Proper posture and positioning of the pen - this is key, and hard to learn in an online course!

  • How to control the ink on the page as you transform letters into words.

  • One-On-One instruction will help you make fast progress, and bridge trouble spots quickly


You will leave the workshop with your own personalized calligraphy kit of my favorite tools to keep your practice going. Your calligraphy kit will include...

-Kindly Letter Co. Modern Calligraphy Workbook
-Straight Penholder + Nib
-Black Ink
-Ink Well
-Marker Paper
-Cards and envelopes
-Grid Paper Guide
-Customized Pencil Case


This is the ideal class for beginners to learn all about calligraphy in a beautiful and relaxed environment! If you've already taken a calligraphy class, let us know and we will upgrade your supplies to bring your lettering practice to a new level!

Frequently Ask Questions

Why is this course more expensive than other art classes I've seen?

I've spent years in my own practice discovering that that materials do influence product. We provide artist-grade materials, and you will have multiple instruments, envelopes, cards, and more as you set out to learn.

Do I need to bring a friend?

No! The best part about these workshops is that most of us walk in as strangers and leave as friends. It's so much fun to watch as well as be apart of. It's also ok if you're on the shy-side, we have a lot of work to get done in just a little amount of time!

Am I too old to learn? How about too young?

These courses are for all ages, we have a great time and we are also pretty tame. We will drink coffee, eat delicious pastries and snacks, and enjoy learning-- I'd say that's something all ages can share in!



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