Custom Envelope Addressing

What if every one of your invitations could feel hand delivered just like a personal invitation to an incredibly special day?
Envelopes are the first impression you will impart to your friends, family, and guests. We offer two different envelope addressing services: hand addressing, and digital printing. 


While envelopes only take 1-2 weeks to address with calligraphy, it is best to schedule your order 1-2 months more before they need to be completed to avoid the rush to the finish line. All of the envelopes are written, then professionally copyedited to correct spelling errors and make sure that each is as beautiful as the next. Then they are returned to you in the same order as your list for easy stuffing-and-sending. Handwritten envelopes start at $3.50 per envelope.


Wedding Calligraphy

for invitations that feel hand-delivered

Digital printing

For a much faster turnaround, envelopes can be digitally printed and returned to you within 3 days of receiving the spreadsheet and if needed, envelopes. Envelopes are also offered in a range of colors and sizes for sale, please inquire for more information. You will receive a proof before print, and one revision to make sure we get the design just right. Digital printing starts at $1.00 per envelope.


Digital Printing

uniquely customized, perfectly printed