BespokeInvitations andStationery

From the flowers you will carry down the aisle, to the history and legacy of the estate where you celebrate your wedding day, there are so many meaningful details that tell your love story, and custom stationery is perfect for the couple who wants to put their own spin on their wedding day. Together, we will dream up how tell that story–we can explore possibilities for many different kinds of details: the romantic antiquity of wax seals, the brightness and energy of colors, and the adventurousness of maps. Whatever that means for you, we will find the best way to share your story with your closest family, friends, and guests. 


The Experience andPprocess


No. 1 - Consultation

The process starts with a design consultation where we get to know each other. We are going to talk about your vision for your wedding day, and what you want to share with your guests. Do you want them to be teary-eyed and lost in romance, or do you want them to embark on a wild adventure alongside you and your beloved as you celebrate the future ahead? We are going to get down to what that is, and how we can incorporate it in all of the details of your invitations.

no. 3 - Production

I personally oversee all printing and execution of your stationery, including managing and ordering the most suitable materials for your suite, balancing the budget, setting and managing deadlines, sourcing the best artisan materials when necessary, and collaborating with high quality printers to ensure the most beautiful product possible. Some printing is possible in-house and we can accommodate quick turnaround for digitally printed pieces. 



no. 2 - Project Proposal and Proofing

Following the consultation, you will receive a full proposal. The proposal includes a first proof of your invitation suite and outlines the details we can plan for such as wax seals, custom ribbons, and envelope liners. We will look at what is working, and what is not working to add or eliminate pieces from the suite.

There will be three proofs throughout the process. 

  • The first proof we are perfecting the colors and artwork (including calligraphy!) as well as anything that is standing out to you as not being quite right. Each proof will be accompanied by a list of questions and prompts of what you should be looking for and providing feedback on. The first proof is about the artwork and layout: Is the calligraphy style right for your event? Do you like the colors of the watercolor? 
  • The second proof will ask questions about the fonts and proofreading to make sure that it looks perfect and polished: do you like the font? Is the layout traditional enough / modern enough for your event?
  • The third proof will be a final proof for typos and to ensure artwork is just right. Once approved, these head off to production!


The Investment

Because the product is so custom, the pricing can often be as well. Every effort is made to work with a wide variety of budgets ranging from $4 per invitation - $10 per invitation. The total cost per invitation will be greatly affected by the printing method: digital, letterpress, or foil. All invitations are printed on 100% cotton giving them a lovely texture, and luxurious feel. Letting me know your budget ahead of time ensures that we get you the most and highest quality product for your invitations.