What is done in love, is done well.
–Vincent Van Gogh


why weddings

When I got married, I wanted what everyone wants: a wedding day that I would be able to look back on for years to come and not be distracted by the things that didn’t go according to plan. I wanted the day to feel timeless, elegant, and romantic. I wanted to feel like Zach and I had enough love to last for a lifetime.

That’s what I want for you too.

Early in my career, I designed art exhibits for a museum. I would look at the artwork and the artist, and create a vision for how the visitor would remember their experience. I became not only a designer, but a craftsman, building walls, and installing artwork to transform the gallery space for a big opening.

Weddings aren’t so different, and guests will remember the way your wedding day felt as they experience the thoughtful details: seeing their names in calligraphy for the first time, drooling over the menu you’ve been dreaming of since your first tasting, finding a cocktail napkin with your monogram on it in their suit jacket months later.

Your not just creating a beautiful day, you’re creating a feeling worth remembering.




My Favorite Videographer

My husband tells stories that will make you shed a joyful tear for a family you've never met. 

Branding Photography

Mary’s photographs inspire confidence, and she has vision to capture your story–the real one–that you’re not totally sure how to tell yet.